The Secret of the Dread Forest
Gillian Summers
Flux (June 1, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0738714119
EAN: 9780738714110
Trade Paperback
Young Adult/Fiction
Price: $9.95

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Now that she has (sort of) defeated a diabolical elf, Keelie Heartwood reluctantly joins her father in the Dread Forest. Her "real" friends are gone, her dad is preoccupied with his new responsibilities as Lord of the Forest and now it seems that her budding romance with the hunky Sean is dashed. Except for her impossible guardian cat Knot, and Alora, a demanding and bratty little princess tree, Keelie has no one to hang with—unless you count that nasty elf-girl Elia, who suddenly wants to be Keelie's frenemy.

Meanwhile, an age-old rift in Keelie's family and among the elves reaches a dangerous climax as humans and dark magical forces alike encroach on the elves' enchanted realm. The fate of the Dread Forest—and of all who dwell within it—lies in Keelie's hands.

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"The pleasant mix of fairy dust and romance--hallmarks of the previous two books--is still present in Summers' The Secret of the Dread Forest. The book zips along satisfactorily--fans of the series will not be disappointed."

"New and old characters combine in a breakneck plot that will have readers turning pages in class and long after bedtime."
--Foreword Magazine

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