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I love paper dolls, and I figured that there are others out there like me, so I cooked up these Knot outfits so that you can dress your own version of the Bad Kitty. Choose from his Puss n Boots outfit from The Tree Shepherd's Daughter, a classy Winter Festival robe, and of course, Pirate garb. Knot campaigned for a cowboy outfit, too, but I'm not going there. If you can think of other outfits you'd like to see Knot wear, send me your suggestions. No, Knot. Not a cowboy. Have fun! - Gillian


Knot's Cup o' Catnip Tea

What do you do with a snotty-nosed cat with a cold?

Keelie recommends you make him a cup of tea, especially when your kitty insists on curling up beside you at night, making this really gross horka sound, trying to clean his nose on your bed while you're trying to go to sleep.

Note from Gillian - I know you're scratching your heads in puzzlement—a cup of tea for a cat? If you spent any time with Knot, you'd understand he's not an ordinary cat. Janice the herb lady says the catnip tea is more healing for a cat with Knot's unique disposition, rather than straight-up catnip. Here's how Keelie makes Knot catnip tea when he has the kitty sniffles.

You'll need:
One catnip tea bag
One kettle
One cup

1. First take the catnip herbal teabag. Keelie recommends you keep the tea bag away from your cat, or he will go nuts and shred it with his claws.

2. Place teabag in cup. The cat may insist on inspecting the teabag in the cup by rubbing up against your ankles and acting all sweet and innocent. Keelie says don't fall for it, even if the cat meows, all sad and pitiful. It's a ruse. The cat wants the tea bag to shred into a million itty bitty pieces.

3. Time for the tea kettle. Place water in tea kettle, let boil. Keelie says your cat may insist on monitoring the process. It may seem that he doesn't approve of the way you're boiling the water by sinking his claws into your skin. Ignore him. He just wants the catnip tea bag to shred.

4. Pour water into cup and let catnip tea bag steep for three minutes. At this point, you must remain strong because the scent from the tea will drive your kitty insane. He'll meow. He'll sneeze and meow. He'll meow, sneeze, and sink his claws into your ankles trying to get to the tea bag. He'll stare at you with dilated eyes, crazed with his desire for the catnip. You must resist. At this point, the cat has more than likely embedded his claws into your skin, and it seems it will take surgery to remove him from your leg.

5. Once the tea has steeped, remove the tea bag from the cup. Place tea bag aside for compost recycling later. Wave the mug of tea in front your crazed-catnip-seeking cat.

He'll remove himself from your leg; therefore, surgery for cat removal won't be needed, but you'll see why you've got band-aids standing by. Put the mug on the floor. The cat will circle the tea mug, then arrogantly sit down, his tail bushed out. He'll inhale the wafting steam and sneeze. He'll glare at you with an expression that says—took you long enough. The steam will do him good. Ignore the glare.

6. Time for those band-aids. After you've applied them to your scratches, return to check on the ungrateful cat. You'll find him sitting on the sofa with his tea mug. Animal Planet is on the television. In the kitchen, you'll find the soggy tea bag on the kitchen floor, shredded to itty bitty pieces.

7. Time for the broom. As you sweep up the wet, gross bits of catnip tea, you can imagine throwing the cat onto the compost pile.

8. Return to living room to find mug of catnip tea empty and cat sleeping snoring on sofa with his legs up in the air. Now you'll be able to sleep, too.



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