Queen of the Faire
Queen of the Faire
(The Faire Folk Saga Book 7)

ISBN-10: 0692273093
ISBN-13: 978-0692273098
Publisher: Dark Woods Press
August 30, 2014
Available now at

After the Goblin Wars that almost outed the elves, fae, and other non-human races, Keelie Heartwood is ready to escape the drama and hang out with Dad. A new Renaissance Faire in the North Georgia Mountains sounds perfect for checking out hunky jousters instead of memorizing more elven lore.

When the faire's manager, the draconic Finch, offers Keelie the chance to be Queen of the Faire, it sounds like the perfect job. Or is it? Strange disappearances and a sense of pending evil casts shadows over the medieval fun, and it's up to Keelie and her unique blend of magic to discover the truth.



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