The Quicksilver Faire
The Quicksilver Faire: The Scions of Shadow Trilogy,
Book Two (The Faire Folk Saga)

ISBN-10: 0738715719
ISBN-13: 978-0738715711
Publisher: Flux
June, 2011
Available now at

At the dazzling Fairy High Court—fraught with enchantments and trickery—Keelie Heartwood discovers that an imbalance in magic has created a colossal rift that can destroy the world. Keelie's mixed blood (elf, human, and fae) makes her powerful, but this sixteen-year-old L.A. girl can't fix things alone. The Grey Mantle elves aren't helping at all, even though bizarre things are happening all around their village.

The more Keelie learns about the magical worlds of the Northwoods-where time is unruly, nasty goblins run amok, and an ancient (and handsome) forest god is pursuing her-the more she doesn't know just whom to trust.

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"The Quicksilver Faire is the second book in the Scions of Shadow trilogy and the continuation of the Fairie Folk Saga. While it may be helpful to read the prior books first, it's not necessary to enjoy this one. Keelie is a good heroin - smart, level-headed and wise for her age. She has found a way to successfully navigate the world she is in without trying to change who she is to do so. The storyline is interesting and shows the frightening side of the fae. The plot is well-paced and doesn't drag. Fans of teen fantasy will enjoy this book." --Barbara Cothern, Portland Book Review

...a terrific story that grabs you from page one.
"The second title in the Scions of Shadow Trilogy reads very well as a standalone despite being set in a complex and beautiful world that borrows equally from Tolkien's tales of Middle Earth and folk mythology.

As a "mutt," an elf-human-fae hybrid, Keelie is wry and likeable, and the authors do a great job of weaving the mythology of the Wild Hunt and the forest folk into the story. The Green Man, the legendary god of the forest, makes for a sexy, enigmatic figure. Magic has been leaking into the human world, and the ways humans are incorporating it into their lives makes for fun reading. The authors have created great characters in an at time wild and complex world." --Author Suzanne Johnson (featured on her Preternatura blog)



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